Air Relax Original

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Digitally Controlled Compression Recovery that offers you more safe deep tissue massage pressure and features than any other system on the market.

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Intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) technology for sports recovery is a remedial recovery modality that provides localised mechanical squeezing (inflation followed by deflation) on the body segment. This localised mechanical squeezing restricts blood circulation to the area and upon release, may promote nutrient-rich blood through the tissue. The potential mechanisms behind IPC are based on principles known to affect the lymphatic system, reducing oedema, skeletal muscle contractions, local pressure gradients, and the influence of gravity, and stem from those used to treat pathologic conditions.

Whilst scientific research is emerging, reported positive effects on recovery include temporary reductions in acute swelling and muscular stiffness, with accompanying increases in range of motion. Such acute responses allow athletes to undertake time-efficient IPC both pre- and post-training/game as part of their individual preparation to optimise performance.

Anecdotal reports from athletes report a ‘feeling of lightness’ and ‘improved muscle activation’. However, it should be noted that despite its widespread use and anecdotal support by athletes, not all research is in agreement.

Offering 60-170mmHg of pressure, 15/30min timer, four therapeutic mode settings and a light weight rechargeable battery option, the Air RELAX provides athletes with the latest in IPC technology for sport.


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